About Us

Hello, my name is Sean M. McCormack, and I’ve been interested in and working with computers since 1981 while working for a local office equipment retailer.  Then, beginning with my family business, I honed my skills and began assisting family and friends with their computing issues ( doesn’t everyone have them !? ).  I’ve been fortunate to learn much about computers while helping others.


Approximately 10 yrs ago I launched  FEET FIRST CONSULTING  to give myself a business presence.  I often work from my home office where I can spend time with my wife Lori and our four children.  However, I will come to your home or business office to assist you with your computing and technology needs.


The only thing left to explain is my company name – FEET FIRST CONSULTING…  well, some years ago I had been pondering what I should call my business, and one day while I was working at a clients office, they remarked… “you just jump in and take care of business, don’t you !”… and my reply… Feet First !…. and I immediately knew this would be what I’d name my business… and what my logo would be.